Sweets Kendamas is an American kendama company founded by Matt “Sweets” Jorgenson in Minnesota in August of 2010 in an effort to make kendamas more available in the United States. I admire his dream and company motto: to “Spread Kendama Love.” This film will explore the benefits of playing kendama including improved hand eye coordination, patience, and the development of friendships. I relate personally to the topic, for I enjoy playing kendama, and I am a wholesale dealer for Sweets.

The first scene will resemble a well made “kendama edit” by a professional player. Kendama edits are popular among the toy’s community. They consist of a captivating introduction, perhaps with several cut scenes. This is immediately followed by an intense trick. This will initiate the film, as it is enticing to the viewer. The last scene will be a similar trick being “laced.” This will possibly be accompanied by a voice over or closing music.

The story will be told through interviews and personal statements with a bias toward the benefits of playing kendama. The film will be of shorter length, though this depends on the depth of answers given by Sweets rep William “Willy P” Penniman. The intended audience includes, but is not limited to, high school and college students with a curiosity about the game.

Before the interview takes place, I intend to film several tricks of varying complexity. Many of these tricks will be performed by myself, but tricks performed by others will be filmed as well. I will film several different groups of people playing “ken” or simply laughing while trying kendama for the first time in order to have a few shots of natural noise. Ken is a game very similar to the basketball game “horse.” Two or more players land tricks that the other will hopefully not be able to land. If a player is unable to complete a trick, they receive a letter. The first player to spell K-E-N loses!

After filming these preliminary clips, I will hold and interview with William Penniman, and if feasible, Matt Sweets. Willy is an old friend, so I am eager to speak with him. As of now, I will ask him the following questions:

  • How were you introduced to kendama, and why did you choose to pursue it?
  • Has kendama taken you anywhere that you never would have imagined?
  • How did you become a Pro Team Member for Sweets Kendamas?
  • Do you have a favorite trick?
  • What is the hardest trick you have conquered?
  • What does the phrase “Spread Kendama Love” mean to you?

After the interview, I will ask him to submit several videos of his complex tricks to me in order to feature them in my documentary

To film the documentary, I will be using an iPhone 6. Adobe Premiere will be used to edit the footage, primarily because I would like to gain some experience with the software.

To aid in filming, I will use a cheap iPhone tripod. If possible, I would like to also use a clip-able microphone compatible with my iPhone in order to enhance the quality of my film’s audio. Of course, I will also use several kendamas.

The voicing over/narration is not concrete until filming begins, but a rough draft introduction is as follows:

“Spreading Kendama Love. A mission established by Matt “Sweets” Jorgenson, founder of Sweets Kendamas. His goal of spreading the passion of kendama to the United States has arguably been achieved, and now he aims to produce the most durable, playable, and aesthetically pleasing kendamas on the market.

Playing kendama is more than just fun. It is a passion. It develops focus and hand-eye coordination. It gives the player a means to create self-confidence and perseverance that can be applied to any other difficult task in life.”


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